Hangzhou Nanyue Industry Co., Ltd. is a high stamping die design and manufacturing capacity, specializing in the design and processing of precision hardware stamping parts. Founded in July, 2009, it is located in the beautiful Xiaoshan of Hangzhou.

Mainly to operate and produce: furniture accessories, mechanical hardware accessories, automobile accessories, electrical accessories, plastic products (except non degradable disposable plastic products) and other products. Since the company was founded, on the basis of gradually improving the company management, it has taken service as the center, customer market as the guide, based on win-win and win-win development as the foundation, taking the human as the core, taking the best use of the material and long-term interests as the principle, winning by quality and winning with new ones.

The company covers an area of 20000 square meters, and has more than 100 5t-500t press and hydraulic press, more than 20 automatic welding machines for manipulator and other supporting processing equipment. In December, 2020, it was awarded as a national high-tech enterprise.