What changes does industrial internet bring to manufacturing industry?

DATE: 2021-01-20 11:09:09 VISITS :630

In today's world, network information technology is accelerating its penetration and integration into the real economy, profoundly changing the production concepts, production tools and production methods in various fields. The integration of cyberspace and physical entities accelerates the arrival of the new industrial revolution and promotes the prosperity of digital economy.

Under the breeding of the deep integration of network information technology and industry, driven by the new industrial form of digitization, networking and intelligence, the industrial Internet with the characteristics of ubiquitous interconnection, intelligent control, safety and reliability is booming.

Industrial Internet is the key foundation of human productivity leap again. It has become a global consensus that networking and intellectualization can promote human productivity to a higher level. According to the research of German National Academy of Sciences and engineering, based on industry 4.0, the production efficiency and energy utilization rate will be increased by 40% and 50% respectively. The basic premise of this great change is to connect all kinds of industrial information islands into a network, forming a "highway network" supporting the flow of industrial big data.