What's the way of China's industry in 2018?

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Strong industry, strong country.

Recently, the latest data released by the State Bureau of statistics showed that in 2017, the added value of industries above national scale increased by 6.6% compared with the previous year, with the growth rate up by 0.6 percentage points compared with the previous year. Industrial production growth has accelerated for the first time since 2011. Previously, Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology pointed out that in 2018, the main target is to increase the added value of industries above the national scale by about 6%, energy consumption per unit industrial added value of Enterprises above scale decreased by 4%, and water consumption per unit industrial added value decreased by 4.5%

What are the highlights of China's industrial economy at present? What is the meaning of this change from "6.6% to" about 6%? "? In 2018, why did China's industrial development slow down? What will be the way to the future?

1. looking at the momentum: the industrial economy is stable and good


In 2017, the added value of China's strategic emerging industries increased by 11% over the previous year, with a growth rate of 0.5 percentage points higher than that of the previous year; the utilization rate of industrial capacity was 77%, 3.7 percentage points higher than that of the previous year, which was the highest level in recent five years; nearly 9000 new industrial enterprises with a new scale or above have been mass production. In addition, the benefits of industrial enterprises have been improving continuously. From January to November 2017, the profits of Industrial Enterprises above scale increased by 21.9% year on year.

In XCMG's intelligent factory, the equipment can "speak open" and the data will be converted into production instructions.

Nowadays, XCMG has realized the information management and control and traceability of the whole production process, which can share data, connect and visualize the equipment. The environmental monitoring system can also monitor and prevent waste gas and wastewater, and promote "green manufacturing". Lu Chuan, President of XCMG Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., said that the first big data platform of Internet of things in China independently developed by XCMG transformed the construction machinery industry from "production tool type" to "intelligent interconnection type".

Behind these changes, it is the innovation of a large number of advanced industrial enterprises such as XCMG and Weichai Power, which is also a miniature of the industrial development in China.

The EMU model on display at the first China Industrial Design Exhibition. Shen Jizhong 

In 2017, China's industry gained a brilliant "report card": the added value of industries above the national scale increased by 6.6% compared with the previous year; new breakthroughs were made in industrial base engineering and the pace of digital transformation of manufacturing industry was accelerated; the C919 large passenger aircraft and ag600 amphibious aircraft successfully flew first; new intelligent hardware and other products emerged endlessly, and high-end CNC system broke the technology monopoly of foreign countries and high-level The innovation results of end equipment are abundant

In 2017, China's industry has achieved growth while restructuring.

According to statistics, the capacity of China's steel de production capacity exceeded the target task of 50million tons in the whole year, 140 million tons of "Di Tiao steel" was fully cleared, the industry merger and reorganization and disposal of "zombie enterprises" was carried out in a solid way, and the use of comprehensive standards in accordance with laws and regulations to promote the withdrawal of backward capacity has been obvious, and the excess capacity in the industries such as electrolytic aluminum, cement, flat glass and other industries will be further resolved.

"China's industrial economy has a steady and positive momentum." Miao Wei said that in 2017, the pace of upgrading of traditional industries in China was accelerated, and the proportion of investment in technological transformation accounted for 44.6 percent of the total industrial investment; new energy sources of industrial growth were accelerating gathering, and a number of new consumption growth points were cultivated in the fields of energy conservation and environmental protection, industrial robots, UAVs, ice and snow equipment, cruise yachts, wisdom and health care, etc., and the application and promotion of new energy vehicles was super high throughout the year Over 700000 vehicles, with a total of more than 1.7 million, ranked first in the world for three consecutive years.